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maart 17, 2009

Het is een hele chaos!

Filed under: Runescape — rsnieuws @ 4:26 pm

Sinds de ‘route-finding update’ er is staan de servers helemaal op hun kop! Er wordt op het moment door iedereen die bij JaGEx werkt naar gekeken. Vele servers staan ‘OFFLINE’ en sommige doen het helemaal niet meer.


Zo is het op het forum hartstikke druk. De JaGEx moderatoren zijn veel aan het uitleggen:

  Mod Emilee
Jagex Mod
17-Mar-2009 16:04:04
Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing some difficulty with some of our servers. :(

If the server error kicked you out of the game, it is possible that your account may appear to have someone other than yourself logged into your account. This will just be a side-effect of the server being down so please do not panic, once things are fixed you will be able to log in again as normal.

Don’t worry, during this time your character will not be in the game so you need have no fear of dying or losing items from this server problem.

We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to get you back in the game as soon as possible.

  Mod Nexus
Jagex Mod
17-Mar-2009 16:11:01
System Update…

This is to fix an issue with certain worlds not coming back online. This will prevent the issue happening to the worlds that are currently online and the rest will be brought back online shortly.


 Als alle drukte over is zal ik het nieuws plaatsen. Ik heb iets waarvan jullie zullen opkijken..


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