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juni 2, 2009

Hidden update!

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CONFIRMATION: It is a part of the sequel of Cold War!

Normally there are posts in dutch langauge, but this time there will be more people who are interested.

RuneScape’s hidden update! A submarine at the dock of Catherby? Is it true? YES!  Below are images and a YouTube video created by me.

Zanik is looking at the submarine, however.. she is calling it ‘monster’.


A image created by Jagex LTD. (hidden on their website)

I have seen it with my own eyes!



And here is a YouTube video to see it moving:

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  1. aahw leuk… ik heb Rangedxp 234 in mijn vriendenlijst!

    Rsnieuws: Ik heb je nog niet.

    Reactie door bas1997 — juni 5, 2009 @ 5:16 pm

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